A community for the people (and the consumers) who want to create, promote, purchase, and participate in the economy of lifestyle brands.

SocialOrder.io will launch in 2023 – 2024

Let’s face it, we are all consumers.

We buy the things we need. We buy the things we want. We buy the things to get the job done.

Yet, as consumers, who can we really trust anymore?

Advertisers have weaponized A.I. to track, invade, and persuade us to buy their product at all costs.

And worse, social platforms of the old guard profit from this over-reach because they “own” the data of our lives. The data of our profile. The data of our social content. The data of our purchases. The data that they sell on the open market to the highest bidder among all the biggest “brands” of the world.

Who can we really trust anymore now that the “bots” attempt to own our attention?

We can trust our people…our community…our personal experiences…our collective awareness as a people.

Social Order restores the balance between purchasing power and corporate consumer brands by neutralizing paid ad reach with organic reach as a means to create cooperation between consumers and the products they need, want, or deploy for all aspects of their life.

Social Order does this by connecting consumers to one another and to many iconic brands in a very direct way through our social media platform.

Where else can we, the people (the consumers), unite to engage with one another through content, earn personal brand credibility and revenue through community, and elevate the brands that respect us enough to compete directly with us on a level playing field?

Interested in democratizing and participating in the future of community, social media, and eCom?

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