Presently, we can engage, educate, and elevate your business by working on the following with you and your team:

Who are we?

in3E is a small business and sales consultant firm based in Tulsa, OK area.

We consult on selling from your “HOW” as a strategy for independent sales agents, entrepreneurs, and small businesses (of less than 50 people).

How do your customers know what and why you do what you do?

How do they know they can trust your business to make them more profitable by doing business with you?

How will there experience transpire while working with you to achieve results?

What is in3E?

in3E is a simple business and sales philosophy that encompasses pulling your business actions back to the brand message and image that you want to communicate to your prospects, consumers, or clients.

The in3E principles: Engage + Educate + Elevate

We #engage in business and sales through professional practices that include empathy and passion toward you, your organization, employees, and consumers.

We #educate on performance improvement solutions, products, and thought projects that create on-brand sales attraction over promotion.

We #elevate businesses to brands by functioning as your advocate to create a selling and buying experience that retains loyal consumers.

Overall, our goal is for our partners to experience the manifestation of their business vision and mission.

Therefore, we look to your present and into the future with you and strategize how to drive that “big picture” and “why” so that it can manifest throughout your firm, employees, and consumers alike.

Ultimately, at in3E, we believe that people buy from businesses, but they belong to brands.

And this is why we went into consulting and training…we know it is hard to run a business and, even more so, it takes a community to build a brand.

More than a consultant, a brand advocate and business optimization resource:

Since our work focuses on sales messaging and development, we rely on others within our network to support your business in structural support and development.

These are separate entities, but we have found that their expertise and products have helped us and or our clients achieve efficiency and greater reach by deliver better client experiences.

in3E Affiliates: For the business challenges we don’t solve.


With Overpass, you can easily build and manage your remote sales and customer support teams.

Hire from a global marketplace of triple-vetted sales experts, manage campaigns and payroll–all from one intuitive dashboard. 

Overpass gives high-growth companies one consistent source to find and onboard sales & support talent.

With Overpass, businesses can stop wasting weeks or months of lost time and revenue — and start building powerful teams, fast.


Vetted and Experienced SDRs, BDRs, and CSRs.

2-Day Average Hiring Time (industry standard is 45 days).

A dedicated Growth Consultant is assigned to your account.

Save Up to 37% Annually on recruiting fees.

Campaign Management Screening, Remote Workforce Optimization Tools, Interview & Payment Support. 


KBGP is a SaaS company that provides an interactive CRM with A&R, Vendor Management, and Project Management Systems built-in to it software known as KABS.

It was designed for the Kitchen and Bath Industry, but has proven to be a great tool for managing your small business pipeline and projects throughout the sales cycle.

We use this at in3E to manage all things related to our clients.