Earn as a Social Order Content Creator

We believe that if you have a passion for community and creating video content that inspires others to experience the best life has to offer, then you probably belong with us at Social Order as an Independent Creator.

Forget about adding value to platforms that only see their creators as consumers and messengers for the ads they sell.

For you, we have created a new way to post, play, partner, promote, products, and prosper.

Together, we have the power to change social media for the benefit of those who add the most value to any platform – the creators.

This is how you (as a creator) can make an impact:

  • Set-up a profile, explore and create content, and get social collaborating with other creators and beloved lifestyle brands.
  • Curate compelling video content while building a “Street Cred” score when engaging with others who are participating in the Social Order economy of goods and services.
  • Collaborate on content delivery and community building with other ICs that can attract brands that want to work and support the creator economy to maximize their presence within the greater SOC community.
  • Contract out your content creation skills to others on the platform and EARN doing it.
  • Contribute to the election and deployment of Creator Content Tools through exclusive IC and Early Adopter voting privileges.
  • Commit to the betterment of the social media and society whereby the medium enriches the lives of others without sacrificing your style, freedom of expression, or potential to be uniquely rewarded for your contribution.

Pre-register and get on the launch list to become an Independent Creator and citizen of SocialOrder.io